The 2012 Season is Upon Us

The few of you that follow this blog may have noticed that it hasn’t been updated for a while.

If you’re a fan of my content you may also have noticed that I have been AWOL from twitter and the various other outlets that my stuff usually appears in. This is because on August 4 I got married, and then took off to the sun-drenched climes of Italy for a honeymoon with my new bride.

Both the wedding and the honeymoon were great, and now I am back and about to embark on the new season of NFL action for PFF.

So what exactly does that involve for a PFF Analyst?

Though many people watch a lot of football I’m not sure there is anybody that watches as much as PFF Analysts, and I’m reasonably sure that over the course of the NFL season there isn’t a person on earth that watches more football than Ben Stockwell, our Director of Analysis.

Ben has a robotic speed to analysing games that none of us can hope to match at the moment, but we each get through our own share of games.

My work week starts as soon as the early kickoff games have ended.  When everybody else is sitting down to their second helping of NFL action of a Sunday, I’m sitting down to begin analysis on my first game of the week.  Most games require watching any given play several times, running through it again and again to make sure you’re spotting a few key things right and then working from there.

I’ll work through to mightnight or the early hours, heading to sleep only to rise again five or six hours later to start work again Monday morning.  Mondays are the toughest and longest days (as tough as a day watching football can get I guess).  I’m usually at it from first thing in the morning until another midnight finish, with food breaks in between and little else.

Beyond working on the games themselves we’ve got some content and review pieces to get written too.

All things considered it’s a good thing my wife experienced last season, because otherwise I might be expecting divorce papers to be filed by Week 16.  Thankfully she saw what a PFF season was like first hand last year, so she is well prepared – a seasoned veteran in such matters.

So I shall endeavour to keep this blog up and running now that I’m back in action, but if it falls in the wake of the PFF regular season too, I’ll resurface come January!

Let’s enjoy some NFL football!

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