Book Reviews

Another thing I have no alternative outlet for is to review some of the great football books I’ve read and give people something to go on from a guy who first and foremost, loves football too.

Every time I add a new book review I will add the short link and a bottom line to this post so you can click on them and go to the full review:

America’s Game by Michael MacCambridge – An awesome look at how football became America’s Game

Breaker Boys by David Fleming – The story of the 1925 Pottsville Maroons and the championship stolen from them by the NFL

Barry Sanders – Now You See Him by Barry Sanders – The story of Barry Sanders and why he walked away, told by the man himself, with bonus DVD.

Total Access by Rich Eisen – A year in the life of Rich Eisen behind the scenes of the NFL and NFL Network’s Total Access.

The GM by Tom Callahan – A year behind the scenes of the New York Giants in 2006, and with GM Ernie Accorsi.

The Real All Americans by Sally Jenkins – A look at the football played by the Carlisle Indian Academy and the school of young Native Americans itself.

More Than a Game by Brian Billick – The former head coach and current TV analyst and broadcaster takes you inside the NFL, and looks at the challenges it faces.  Dated, but interesting.

The Games That Changed The Game by Ron Jaworski – A look at games that showcased big schematic developments from big coaches. Drive charts are a little turgid, but interesting information beyond them.


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